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Homeowners looking Yahoo and other places may be amazed at the overwhelming number of home improvement companies in Horsham PA. With that said, it is imperative the before contracting a home improvement company you do your due diligence. Not too long ago checking out the Angie’s Listreviews was good enough. As of late that is not the thing to do. That is because is a recent study CNN reported that more than 30 percent of Angie’s List testimonials are added by reputation management companies. Don’t matter if you are searching for Licensed Window Replacement Contractor or Porch Enclosure Repairs you can count on ImproveRite to do a professional job. We are a family run business and our livelihood is depended on the work we do…

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Bathroom and kitchen remodeling: Which should be done first?

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Both the bathroom and the kitchen are important rooms that should not be overlooked in a home remodeling project. You should always call bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts when either of these rooms needs a good remodeling project.

However, it can actually be quite difficult to know which room is to be given priority over the other when you initiate the remodeling project. This article will help you to choose the right room to prioritize.

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling: which is in need of remodeling the most?

This seemingly straightforward question is actually not that easy to answer. Before you decide to initiate the bathroom and kitchen remodeling project, it is a good idea to call in experts for an inspection. An inspection will reveal any damaged section within your kitchen or your bathroom, and it will also assess the urgency of both rooms. This assessment will help you to determine which room will need urgent remodeling.

Compare the remodeling costs of the rooms

If both the bathroom and the kitchen don’t need to be urgently remodeled, the factor of costs could be the next determining one. On average, kitchen remodeling projects are more costly than bathroom remodeling projects. This is because there are a lot of kitchen appliances involved during a kitchen remodeling project, and kitchens also usually require advanced smoke detection systems in order to keep your family safe and sound.

Check your family lifestyle

It is definitely hard to live without either room, but if you must, consult with your family about which room to remodel first. Families who don’t cook a lot and who can survive on takeouts might find it a trivial matter to lose access to their kitchen for a period of time. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, things might be a bit trickier, and you should make sure to have a second bathroom in the house.

Which room is used more frequently?

Of course, this would be an important factor that must not be ruled out. While a beautiful bathroom will definitely be a good boost of morale for the whole family, it is ultimately a temporary room where people only spend a limited amount of their time. Meanwhile, the kitchen is an important room that actually welcomes other visitors as well, so it is used much more frequently. The winner here is clear: The kitchen is much more frequently used than the kitchen.

Don’t forget about the return on investment

For homeowners who wish to sell their house later on for a return on investment, it might be helpful to keep in mind that kitchen remodeling will have a more pronounced effect on the price of the property than a bathroom remodeling project.

If you have decided on which project to prioritize, don’t hesitate to call our bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts! We have had more than 20 years of experience in the field, and we can’t wait to help you with your own project!

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