Benefits of Adding a Porch Enclosure to Your Home

Have you been looking through different porch enclosures and their designs but are still on the fence about whether you should go for it? That’s a common problem many people face, not just with porch enclosure designs, but also when they’re about to invest and spend a lot of money in construction work. We’ve put together some of the benefits of adding a porch enclosure [...]

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What to Consider When Designing a Porch Enclosure

There’s more to building a porch enclosure than just picking a type. Whether you’re going for a screen room, three-season room, or a four-season room, there will be more decisions that you’ll need to make. These include flooring, furniture, and window treatments. Your overall budget is also taken into consideration so you don’t end up spending way too much or saving too much at the [...]

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Which Type of Porch Enclosure is For You?

Bugs and bad weather are just some of the things that stop people from spending a lot of time on their patios or porches. They’re also the main reason why people start looking for a porch enclosure to make their outdoors more habitable. If you’re installing your first sunroom or porch or patio enclosure, then you probably feel a little lost right now. Let’s get [...]

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Types of Materials Used in a Porch Enclosure

Porch enclosures usually need several kinds of materials for construction. If you’ve decided on adding a porch enclosure to your home, it would be wise to have a general or at least superficial idea about the kinds of materials that might be needed. Of course, you can always leave the entire process to the construction company that will handle the job. But it’s your money so [...]

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Porch Enclosure

Homeowners often have a hard time choosing from one porch enclosure to another. This is because they don’t usually understand the differences between them and rightly so since they’re not construction experts. We’ve put together some questions that you should ask and how their answers can influence your decision. What’s the purpose of the porch enclosure? When selecting a porch enclosure, this [...]

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