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Kitchen remodeling estimate: How experts will estimate the price of a project

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A kitchen remodeling project is a great tool to not only improve your family’s quality of life but it can also greatly increase the resell value of the property. When you are negotiating with the kitchen remodeling experts, they will always provide a kitchen remodeling estimate first. This rough estimation will help homeowners to understand how much the project will cost, and what processes will be involved.

How a kitchen modeling expert weigh in the costs will have to depend on a wide variety of factors, and they don’t necessarily share the same formula. That said, there are certain factors that greatly affect the cost estimation of a kitchen remodeling project.

The three levels of kitchen remodeling estimate

To help make the process a bit quicker, kitchen remodeling estimate is often divided into three different levels. Experts will first ask the homeowners at which level do they want to invest in their kitchen remodeling project. This will help the experts to get a clearer understanding of the expectations of the customers.

The first level of estimates is the low-range estimate. Low-range projects only include the most basic services such as basic tile countertops or door replacements.

The next level is mid-range estimates. These estimates are actually a big jump in terms of quality from low-range estimates. The services may include vinyl flooring and better tiles.

The last level is high-end estimates. These projects tend to include the most expensive services, making sure that your kitchen will look gorgeous at the end of the day.

Highly impactful factors on the cost of a kitchen remodeling project

The cost of a kitchen remodeling project depends on many different factors, so it is hard to give an accurate estimation. Here are some impactful factors to take into account:

  • The type of kitchen: This is a very impactful factor. Whether you want a gourmet kitchen with all the appliances you need or a small kitchen with just the essential items will have a major impact on the total cost of the project.
  • The type of flooring: This factor has a moderate impact on the project’s costs as a whole. Natural stone flooring and hardwood flooring are generally more expensive than laminate flooring, but unless you splurge a lot of the flooring, the costs will not go up that much.
  • The size and type of the countertops: Countertops are crucial elements in any kitchen, so the impact of these elements on the overall cost of the project is very high. Natural stone countertops are the most popular as well as most expensive option, and their beauty certainly justifies their price tag. Other options include quartz countertops, whose high-end options can be as costly as natural stone tops.

A kitchen remodeling estimate is a good reference for homeowners to understand the costs as well as the processes involved in a kitchen modeling project. If you wish to receive a rough kitchen remodeling estimate, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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